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Sisulizer Version 4 ist ein kostenpflichtiges Update für alle Sisulizer Kunden.

Update auf Sisulizer 4

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Was ist neu in Sisulizer Version 3

Ihre Wünsche implementiert

Seit dem Erscheinen von Sisulizer Version 2010 wurde eine beeindruckende Liste von Neuerungen - die Meisten auf Wunsch unserer Kunden - in Sisulizer eingeführt. Profitieren Sie jetzt von den neuen Möglichkeiten in Sisulizer Version 3.

Jetzt auf Version 3 updaten und von den Neuigkeiten in Version 4 profitieren.

Hier finden Sie die anderen Neuigkeiten in Sisulizer seit dem Release von Version 2010


Neue Plattformen

Delphi XE2
Oxygene alias Delphi Prism
  • Support for Delphi XE2 including 64-Bit support for Delphi and C++Builder
  • Sisulizer now supports Delphi Prism, the platform which uses Delphi's ObjectPascal as language to create .NET applications.
  • Sisulizer fully supports localization of FireMonkey (released in Delphi XE2). Using this library instead of VCL enables Delphi developers to create multi-platform applications. Currently for Windows, and Mac.
  • Android: Support for Android (incl. Ice Cream Sandwich) added.
  • JSON: Sisulizer now supports JSON files, the lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange.
  • Support for SQLite and SQL Server Compact added. Sisulizer can now localize those databases and import data from them.
  • Guiliani: Sisulizer now supports Guiliani files, the C++ software framework for developing hardware and OS platform independent GUIs for embedded systems.

Erweiterte Unterstützung von .NET-Plattformen

Silverlight Lokalisierung leicht gemacht - Pass- Parameter um die Assemblylinker- z.B für verzögertes Signieren
  • Sisulizer now supports delaysigning and PFX keys in addition of SNK keys.
  • Sisulizer scans resource items that contain only white spaces.
  • Version and icon files are scanned when localizing project or solution files.
  • Version info in localized satellite assembly files are updated.
  • Support for Krypton components improved. Sisulizer's form editor shows the Text property.
  • Building speed of localized .NET files improved.
  • Silverlight: Sisulizer can import existing localized XAP into a Silverlight source.
  • Silverlight: Sisulizer deletes the intermediate files after build process.
  • Silverlight: Applications can be localized by giving a corresponding Visual Studio project.
  • WinForms: Sisulizer scans the Group data of the ListView component.
  • WinForms: Sisulizer.WindowsForms.Translator improved to translate ListView and ToolTip text.
  • XAML: Sisulizer now localizes App.xaml file too.
  • XAML: Sisulizer now localizes StringFormat part from a Binding.
  • XAML: All attributes of Binding element are localizable in Sisulizer.
  • XAML: Localization.Attributs and Localization.Comments attributes are supported.

Verbesserte Plattformunterstützung

  • Access: Pass optionally connection string parameters.
  • C++Builder: Versions XE, XE2, XE3, XE4 and XE5 including 64-Bit are supported.
  • Database: Localize even the field that contains your primary key.
  • Database: If Sisulizer can not open a database table it will show the error message on the database item tree.
  • Delphi: Versions XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, and XE5 are supported.
  • Delphi: Using new LaDefaultLocale.pas it is easily to load resource DLLs that match the default locale.
  • Delphi: Sisulizer's VCL units are now better Delphi XE compatible.
  • Delphi: For the case you don't want to use the savest localization method by giving a DRC file, Sisulizer can now use the original strings as context values instead to connect existing translations to the right originals again even when you updated your software.
  • Delphi: Sisulizer supports ISO based resource DLL extension of VCL/FMX (e.g. DEU vs. de-DE).
  • Delphi: Support for FireMonkey OSX resource files (.dylib) added.
  • HTML- Vorschau - Sisulizer zeigt wie das HTML erstellt aussehen wird
    HTML: Visual Preview implemented.
  • HTML: Other file extentions as HTM and HTML can be scanned.
  • HTML: Segmentation can be forced for cases which contain formatting tags.
  • HTML: Comments can even be inside tag attributes.
  • HTML: Keep text format option now keeps the spaces after text. E.g. <div>Text </div>
  • HTML: Choose a custom browser for displaying translated HTML-files. Choose Tools | Platforms | HTML... and enter browser name.
  • HML Help: Standalone script files (.js) are supported in compiled HTML Help (.chm) files.
  • Java: Sisulizer detects encoding of Java resource files automatically.
  • Java: Existing Java source files will be imported even if the localization project's source is a directory, instead of a single .property file.
  • PO: Plural forms are now supported.
  • VB: Sisulizer does not evaluation stamp on source code strings that do not contain translation.
  • VB: Strings from the header of class files are skipped.
  • VCL: Support for Virtual Treeview's runtime switch.
  • Windows Resources: A localized Vietnamese RC-file will always be written in UTF-16LE (little endian).
  • Windows Resources: New option Update by primary language only forces all different sublanguages in the ressources in the localized file to be updated. Otherwise only the main sublanguages field are updated.
  • XML: When localizing XML files containing language pairs Sisulizer imports the translated value.
  • XML: Element can contain original and translation element pair where original contains the original value and translation contains the translated value.
  • XML: Sisulizer optionally supports localize attribute for elements.

Verbesserte Benutzeroberfläche

  • Norwegian language codes have now a neutral one (no) besides the already implemented nn and nb.
  • Persian translations added.
  • Open Sample button added to recent list control on the main page. Makes it easy to locate and profit immediately from the various sample files shipped with Sisulizer.
  • File | Open Sample menu item added.

Verbesserte Benutzerfreundlichkeit

  • Support for the new Google Translate 2.0 API. Sisulizer 3 comes with an interface to this new paid service of Google. Please visit the Google Translate Website to learn how to purchase your API key. Due to lower traffic of the paid service our team experienced much better response times from the new paid service than from old free Google API v1.
  • Set to Empty actions affects now all selected rows. It has been moved underneath the "Translation"-context sub menu.
  • New optional row status buttons are on the top of sheet. To show right click tool bar and choose "Customize...".
  • Validation can be limited to visible rows only that are filtered. See Tools | General... | Settings and "Use filter on validation" check box.
  • Translation and rows status filter buttons are added to the sheet toolbar but hidden as default. Use Properties button and check "Show translation status filter buttons" or "Show row status filter buttons".
  • New case sensitive popup menu "Stretch Controls with Text " for forms. If the text of a control is too wide to fit the control will be stretched.
  • Including and excluding of items in Project Wizard can be limited to a selected node.
  • Free Edition lets you change the properties of the visual editors.
  • Select the right destination node if the node of the importing and current file differ.
  • Localized database files can be imported.
  • Exports to XLIFF contain custom name space for used sl:xxx tags.
  • When exporting into TMX or XLIFF specify if and how the translation values are written.
  • XLIFF export: resname and datetype attributes implemented.
  • Context sensitive menus and sheet toolbar buttons are enabled in the same phase.
  • UTF-8 encoded Hunspell dictionaries are supported.
  • When Project Wizard imports existing translations it also can import strings that are equal to the original strings.
  • When using the Edit Translation dialog instead of entering your translations in the translation grid, you now are able to copy the context value of the localized text directly, too.

Allgemeine Verbesserungen

Translation- Memory- Editor bietet Volltextsuche
  • TM Editor integrated. The feature you asked for to edit your translation memory databases directly in Sisulizer.
  • Your report file names can now contain a time stamp. This makes it easier to keep track on the localization progress.

Erweiterte Automatisierung für verbesserte Integration im Build-Prozess

  • SlMake import task can import all localized files.
  • Slmake comes with new input and rootoutput options
  • SlMake validate task accepts the -name option.
  • SlMake supports now invalid and marked options in the export and exchange tasks.
  • SlMake's output is now UTF-8 with BOM in the beginning.

You can read about the new features in previous versions (V1, V2008, V2010) of Sisulizer