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Sisulizer Version 4 ist ein kostenpflichtiges Update für alle Sisulizer Kunden.

Update auf Sisulizer 4

Verwenden Sie noch Sisulizer 3.x, Sisulizer 2008/2010 oder Sisulizer 1.x?

Aktualisieren Sie jetzt auf Version 4 und nutzen Sie alle Neuigkeiten in Version 4.


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Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - bereit für Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Jahre Sisulizer


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um internationalen Kunden Software in ihrer Sprache anzubieten

um Inhouse-Softwarelösungen zu übersetzen

um mehrsprachige Anwendungen für Firmenkunden zu erstellen

als Lokalisierungs-Dienstleister, um Kundensoftware zu übersetzen

um Software für Behörden zu lokalisieren

um Schulungssoftware an Universitäten zu übersetzen

um Benutzeroberflächen elektronischer Geräte zu lokalisieren

um Software im Medizinbereich zu übersetzen

um Software für Bergbauunternehmen zu lokalisieren

um mehrsprachige Steuerungssoftware im Maschinenbau zu erstellen


Sisulizer's third party components support program

Sisulizer has three level support for VCL and .NET components.

Möchten Sie Ihre Komponenten für die Lokalisierung vorbereiten?

Suchen Sie Informationen wie Sie Ihre Komponenten entwerfen, damit Ihre Kunden sie leicht lokalisieren können? Lesen Sie mehr dazu hier:

Entwerfen von Drittanbieter-Komponenten für die Lokalisierung

Third party components are sometimes very hard to localize. Some third party controls hide text strings in proprietary binary data and undocumented structures. In this case we need some information from the third party tool vendors about the format of this data.

  • Some vendors already provide these information.
  • Some vendors are ignoring the needs of software localization tool creators like Sisulizer.

Below you find information about the status of the three levels of third party components support. If you are in the decision phase of buying third party controls for your application you should not forget to test if they are fully localizable with a software localization tool.

Please be aware, that this is not a technical problem of Sisulizer. If the component developers decide to use hard coded strings or hide the strings which need to be localized in proprietary data no software localization tool will be able to read. We at Sisulizer care for this problem some other localization tool vendors simply ignore.

Fully supported third party components

These components have been fully tested with Sisulizer and Sisulizer can give the best localization experience technically possible. We can even give localization related support for users using these components.

These component vendors have already joined our third party program. These tool vendors care software localization and we recommend their use in to be localized software.

Plattform Komponente Hersteller
.NET Standard WinForm Microsoft
.NET DotNetBar Suite
.NET DevExpress Developer Express
.NET Gridx, UI, Schedule, Timeline Janus Systems
.NET Nevron .NET Vision Nevron
.NET Xceed controls Xceed Software
VCL Standard VCL Embarcadero
VCL DevExpress Developer Express
VCL ReportBuilder Digital Metaphors
VCL ElevateDB, DBISAM Elevate Software
VCL LMD ElPack, LMD-Tools LMD Innovative
VCL JEDI Open source
VCL QuickReport QBS Software
VCL Rx Library Open source
VCL Raize Components Raize
VCL ACE Reporter Professional SCT Associates
VCL 1stClass, InfoPower Woll2Woll Software
VCL TMS Component Pack TMS Software

Attention: Even if they are fully supported some components may have a few hard coded strings that can not be localized by any localization tool. This is not a limitation of Sisulizer!

Partially supported third party components

These components have been tested with Sisulizer but because the vendor has not joined our third party program we can not guarantee their localization. We can not give support to users using these components.

If you use these components below please contact the component vendor and ask them to join our program. We already contacted most of them but it seems they do not see the advantage be fully supported by a software localization tool like Sisulizer. Perhaps they change their mind if their customers ask for localization support.

Plattform Komponente Hersteller
.NET NetAdvantage for Windows Forms Infragistics
VCL ShellBrowser Components JAM Software
VCL Rave Reports Nevrona Designs

User mapped third party components

Of course all other components can also be localized if they are coded properly. You have to manually map the components in Sisulizer. This takes only a few mouse clicks. If the control does not hide the data to be localized then this is all. Sisulizer recognized your mappings. You only have to do them once.

If you successfully use them please send the map file to us plus some information about the components and the vendor. We will add the mapping to the next Sisulizer build and other users can profit from it. Please also contact the component vendor and ask them to join our program. As long as we have not the needed information from the vendors we are not able to support our customers.

Why should I join Sisulizer's third party program as a tool vendor?

  • Sisulizer staff will test your components thoroughly making sure the applications using them can be localized.
  • Sisulizer staff can give support for your customers in the localization issues.
  • Sisulizer can implement some additional scanning for your components to make localization much easier and safer.
  • Your tools will be promoted on this page with a link.

If you want your control to be in our list of supported tools please contact us. Supporting us will neither cost you much time nor any money.

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